For homeschooling parents, Home CEO offers a 30-day program to help you get organized so you can achieve your goals.

Struggling to balance home, life and family? You can achieve balance faster than you know.

The 30-Day Harmony, Health and Happiness program introduces the Home CEO method for living organized and balanced. In 30 bite sized days, you'll do a series of activities that will bring about calm, focus and health. So get ready to meet the new you!

**ALL proceeds from this course benefit The Adsila Retreat, a place of healing for girls aged 12-24 rescued from human trafficking.**

In 30 achievable, uplifting and encouraging days participants will supercharge their personal power and productivity.

Here's what you get.

  • 26 video based lessons and 11 bonus motivational messages.
  • A comprehensive 30-Day Checklist and program guide, 
  • Over 200 pages of printables to help you get organized.
  • Personal access to Maraya to answer any questions you may have. 
  • Free copy of The Home CEO's Guide to Life (digital edition), a Living Now Book Awards medalist for outstanding nonfiction. 
  • Time management tools and training. 
  • Daily organizing challenges to get your home back in order. 
  • Tons of bonus material including a free 7-part health and wellness course including health tracking tips and resources and a 9-part motivational series and more
  • Strategies and techniques to reduce stress, improve your relationships and get your financial house in order.
  • A new network of friends working on the same goals.

Here's who it's for.

People who want to supercharge their personal energy by demolishing the stress of disorganization.
People who want to create harmony at home and exude more radiance, peace and love.
People who want the power to overcome obstacles and experience joy in spite of hectic schedules.
People who want to get organized and achieve their goals both at work and at home.

Here's why YOU can do this.

Easy: I break it down for you step by step. No more than 20-30 minutes a day.
Guaranteed Results: If you don't see radical improvements in your home and life as a result of this program, I'll refund your investment, no questions asked!
Affordable: Life coaches charge hundreds per hour. This course provides 30 days of training for the cost of one lunch out!
Huge Impact: Your investment is not only an investment in you, but your program fee creates more value for thousands nationwide through our charitable giving program. 100% of the proceeds of this course are distributed to the nation's most outstanding charitable nonprofit 501c3 organizations! Learn more about our charitable giving programs here!

All proceeds to charity! 

Home CEO is a social enterprise (a business established for the purpose of supporting social causes) and, as such, 100% of proceeds from this course go directly to charity. We benefit the survivors of domestic human trafficking at The Adsila Retreat, a 270 acre 501(c)(3) nonprofit facility that provides free healing retreats and leadership programs for stellar nonprofit humanitarian organizations. So by joining our program and improving your life, you're making a difference for thousands of at-risk youth through our charitable giving program!

Here's what people are saying about our course instructor.

  • "Maraya is the most sincere person I know. I was blessed to have worked with her." -Jennifer Bless, Vice President, JPMorgan
  • "Wow. Maraya has truly overdelivered again! She is a walking testimony of passion and exuberant joy!" -Jonathan Leow, Author, The Crowdfunding Kit, Singapore
  • "You are such a blessing and an angel in disguise! You have no idea what this did for me on the inside. I appreciate you so much and couldn't thank you enough for what you've done for me over time and the motivating talks we have inspire me to be an even better and stronger person! You're truly a role model to me and I can only hope and pray to be half the woman you are one day! You are a godsend! Thank you, thank you thank you! -Shauna Herak, Preschool Teacher
  • "I was so impressed by all the work you did...the students have expressed how much they loved the stuff you taught them." -Chris Bonham, Senior Pastor, Grace Family Church
  • "I just wanted to thank you again for always being such a nice, kind and caring person. You go out of your way to help others." -Dina Marty, OAI, Inc.
  • "I have known Maraya for several years now...Maraya is a true success story of an individual's drive to find balance and success that only true happiness brings. She is an inspiration to so many." -Dana Smalley, Senior Consultant, CSC
  • "Maraya has taught several sessions to our young leaders...Her teaching style is clear and practical. I would highly recommend her." -Bryan Singleton, Grace Family Church
  • "Maraya has done an amazing job at breaking these topics down into bite-sized pieces so that it's not overwhelming. Thank you for helping me to know where to begin and confidently stride towards the finish line!" -Kelly Ray, Lodestar Solutions
  • "Whoa!! I am blown away...I feel like a huge, huge weight has been lifted!" -Shani Hill, Attorney, Hill IP Law
  • "I want to take a minute to personally thank you for making the Grand Opening of the Dream Center of Tampa such a success! We could not have done this without you." -Thad Smith, former Director, Dream Center of Tampa
  • "The closet looks spectacular!! It's hard to believe it's the same closet!! Thank you so much!!" -Susie Rice, President, RMC Property Group
  • "Thank you so much for all your help! Thank you, thank you and thank you!" -Sandra Lombardo, mom of twins, OAI, Inc.
  • "I just wanted to say thank you for taking time out of your schedule to teach us and for spending the extra time and effort on our binders...The binder really is awesome and very well thought out. Also, I know that everything you did means not only a lot to me, but to the others in the group as well." -Chloe Hall, Student, Uprising Leadership Training

Course Overview


(Day 1) How to Take This Program & Free Printable Starter Kit
(Day 2) The 12 Core Values of a Home CEO
(DAY 3) How to Get Started & Keep Going, Especially if You're in a Rut!

HARMONY: The Chief Executive Organizer (aka the Harmonious Hottie)

(DAY 4) In the Mood (Getting Motivated)
(DAY 5) Sweet Spot (Making Exciting Personal Goals)
(DAY 6) Getting Done Up (Establishing Your Time Management Tools)
(DAY 7) Rest day!
(DAY 8) Five Must-Have To-Do List Tips
(DAY 9) Get on Top (In Control with a Weekly Family Plan)
(DAY 10) Blinged Out (Top Money Tips for Families)
(DAY 11) On the Counters (Quick Kitchen Organizing Challenges)
(DAY 12) In the Boudoir (Quick Bedroom Organizing Challenges)
(DAY 13) In the Closet (Quick Closet Organizing Challenges)
(DAY 14) Rest day!
(DAY 15) In the Shower (Quick Bathroom Organizing Challenges)
(DAY 16) Hot Mama (Organizing the Kids)
(DAY 17) Conclusion of This Section & Next Steps

HEALTH: Culinary & Exercise Officer (aka the Buff Babe)

(DAY 18a) Culinary & Exercise Officer Course Introduction
(DAY 18b) Making Health an Organized Life Priority Using Covey's Quadrant Two
(DAY 19) How to Establish an Exercise Tracking & Motivation System
(DAY 20) 5 Ways to Incorporate Fitness into Your Organized Life
(DAY 21) Rest day!
(DAY 22) 5 Ways to Solve Your Sleep Problems
(Day 23) 3 Tips for Eating Well & Making Smart Choices at the Grocery Store
(Day 24) 5 Tips and Tools to Manage Your Stress So You Can Achieve More

HAPPINESS: Chief Encouragement Officer (aka the Sexy Beast)

(Day 25) 5 Ways to Make Your Life Fun
(Day 26) How to Improve Your Intimacy In Marriage
(Day 27) Harnessing the Power of Faith and a Positive Expectation of Good
(Day 28) Rest day!

BONUS: Chief Encouragement Officer in Action (aka the Cheerleader)

(Day 29) Intro to Cheerleader and the Miracle That Changed My Life
(Day 30) A Word for When You're at a Crossroads in LifePreview
BONUS: A Word for When You're Feeling Down
BONUS: A Word for When You Just Got a Big Breakthrough!
BONUS: A Word for When You Just Ended a Relationship
BONUS: A Word for When You Just Started a Relationship
BONUS: A Word for the Weary
BONUS: Proverbs 31 The Noble Wife
BONUS: Psalms 91 Reading (Psalm of Protection & Security)

Bonus Downloads and Printables

The Home CEO's Guide to Life (160+page award winning book, digital ed)
Printables, Checklists and Forms
Program Checklist & Notes Pages
Home & Life Organizing Forms & Checklists
Baby & Child Printables
Inspirational Printables

The Instructor

Your coach is author and professional organizer Maraya Pearson who brings over 15 years experience organizing successful entrepreneurs and hundreds of projects with budgets of up to $20M. A born encourager with enormous belief in the power of transformation,Maraya sees the amazing potential in each person and will encourage you to let go of anything holding you back"go for it!" and live the life you know you're meant for.

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