Saturday, May 26, 2018

Preschool Homeschool Eyes Unit

During week 30 of our full year totschool program, your little one will learn all about their eyes!
Our theme shelf this week had many things used to aid your vision, a creepy eyeball bouncy ball from the Halloween store, and the only stuffy in our collection with glasses... Gerald the elephant!
This wake up, warm up activity requires your little one to carefully inspect a few tiny objects they are presented with.  Ask them to close their eyes and then take one away!  Have them inspect the row of objects to figure out which you took away.
Long before kids, I used to volunteer at the Perkins School For The Blind in Boston.  I helped teach the baking class.  The children would make cookies, rice krispie squares, and parfaits for the school cafeteria.  It was an incredibly rewarding experience.  This week, I introduced Porter to the fact that some people can't read like he does.  He really enjoyed repositioning the eggs to for new letters and even said "This is a really cool way to make letters."
Porter's number maze this week had some fun distractions, but he stayed on course!
Do you follow us on Instagram?  Check out the funny video I posted of Porter doing this close up activity.  Clearly, he is a city kid and I need to schedule a farm field trip!
I can hear Porter saying "down, across, across, across, E!" whenever I look at this picture.
This week in our editable name bonus files, you get to make door hangers!
Does anyone in your family wear glasses?  My husband does.  I presented this worksheet by saying "If Daddy doesn't wear his glasses, he sees the numbers like this (pointing to the blurry number). Can you trace those numbers?"
Egg carton eye masks are the craft project this week!  Does your little one have a favorite embellishment during art time?  We are #teamglitter!
Check out our website for more information on either of our full year programs or feel free to email me!  See you next week when I review our nose unit!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Preschool Homeschool Legs And Feet Unit

What has 4 legs and no feet?
A table!
We learned all about legs and feet this week!
This was a new circle time song for us.  We loved it!  Porter, Cat Boy, and I enjoyed hopping, spinning, and counting to 10 all week!
Time to color and learn about the many things legs and feet can do!
Before you start this connect the dots worksheet, ask you little one what they think the picture will be once the dots are connected.  You might be surprised by what they say!
We wore 3 of the 4 shoe options this month here in Toronto!
Crayons, stickers, glue, and a cute octopus- Porter LOVED this art project!
Bonus points if you and your little one do these leg exercises after your trace them!
I've lost track of how many times we have done the N letter craft.  Neither of my kids have an N in their first name, but something keeps bringing them back to this sleepy N under a star filled sky.
Color (or draw a line through!) the number of feet indicated in the column.

Porter and I are nearing the end of our totschool journey, but its never too late to start your own!  Check out our website for more information our full year lesson plans.  See you next week when we learn about...EYES!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Preschool Homeschool Hands and Arms Unit

Welcome to the fourth semester of our 46 week totschool program!  We began our "All About Me" semester by learning about our hands and arms.
"Where is Thumbkin" has been a favorite circle time song in our house for years.  It couldn't have come a better time too- I was just about to put the winter things in the basement!!
We used our sense of touch to figure out what was hidden in each sock for this wake up, warm up activity!
How cute are these editable name worksheets?!?!?
This kid loves color by codes!
Snack time!  Porter used his hands (and was mindful of his fingers!) while he sliced cheese for our snack.  This is not an ad, but I highly recommend these nylon knives from Curious Chef.  We've had them for years and they are great for teaching kitchen independence!
I love the variety that our ABC coloring pages offer!  Your little one can color a picture to match a real image, color a adorable clip art image as they like, or color the letter craft picture that they have been doing throughout the year.
"I'm gonna dab all the H's!" he said as I placed this on the table.

A week about hands is not complete without a washing lesson!

For more information on our full year curriculum for 2-3 and for 3-4 years olds, check out our website!
See you next week when we learn all about legs and feet!