Thursday, August 24, 2017

Preschool Homeschool Bible Mini Unit - Noah's Ark

Kylie and I wrapped up our second Bible mini unit today.  We learned all about Noah!
We started our lesson off with a tangram puzzle of the ark and our memory verse.
Kylie's Oma was in town visiting and helped out with the second lesson.  The two of them read the paraphrased story and then reviewed the numbers on a worksheet.  Kylie was in disbelief when Oma read that Noah was 600 years old when he got on the ark!
We ended the unit with a model prayer and a sequencing game that can be stored in our Bible notebook.

These Bible mini units have been a fun way of introducing the story of God to Kylie.  They are included in our full year 3-4 year old program, and are available to purchase individually at our TpT store.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Preschool Homeschool Star Unit

Week 16 of our 46 week totschooling curriculum is all about STARS!!!
Click here if you are interested in starting your home education journey with us!

Home CEO confession time...I had no idea there were two extra verses to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star until last week.  Even the teacher learns something new while homeschooling!
"Look at all those stars!" 
This week, we stories about a giraffe that loved gem (pictured above), a hamster that likes to hide, and an iguana that couldn't fine the right place to live.  
***Home CEO Hack*** For some extra practice, show your little one that page number and ask them to lay them our in order!

Our letter crafts are always one of the highlights of our week.
"I love art time.  It is my favorite time.  Well, story time is really fun too." -Porter, 3 years old
These letter sorting mats are quickly becoming a favorite activity!

This week was all about the number 11!
***Home CEO Hack*** Want some extra practice?  After your little one does the maze, offer them a crayon and say "Can you color all the 6's blue?" keep giving them different crayons until everything is colored!
We are a big fan of anything by Eric Carle!

Playdoh mats are the best way to have fine motor and sensory fun!

 What a fun week we had learning all about star!  If you want to join us on our totschooling adventure, check out our website!  See you next week when Porter and I learn all about hearts!

Preschool Homeschool Bible Mini Unit - Creation

Kylie and I dug into our Bible mini units this week!  Home CEO Academy's full year curriculum is secular, but we offer these Bible mini units as a bonus.  Our Bible lessons are an optional part of our 3-4 program and are available separately on our TpT page.  The first lesson, Creation, is broken into 3 parts; the days of creation, Adam and Eve's creation, and Adam and Eve's fall.  Here are some highlights from our week!
Like with our other lessons, we give you the opportunity create an interactive notebook for this special subject.
After our readings, we played a super fun memory match game to reinforce what happened on the first 7 days.  If there is one game that has stood the test of time in our house, its memory match!  It doesn't matter if the cards have Finding Dory, Marvel super heroes, Bible topics- we love match games!
With the help of Kylie's Oma, we learned about the rise and fall of Adam and Eve.
These 2 sided Adam and Eve paper dolls helped reenact what happened in the Garden.  On one side, Adam and Eve are empty handed and smiling.  The the "sneaky snake" talked them into eating apples and they got sad.
Kylie and I loved this mini lesson!  We are looking forward to learning about Noah next week!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Preschool Homeschool Crescents Unit

Welcome to week 15 of our totschooling curriculum- crescents! For those new to our blog, our totschooling curriculum is a fun and engaging 46 week program geared towards 2 and 3 year olds.  Go to our website for more information!  Here are some pictures from our week.
Our coloring pages are a great way to introduce new topics!
***Home CEO Hack*** Print out a few extra pages for yourself to color with your little one.  You might be surprised to see your little one focus a bit more if you are doing the same activity next to them ;)
D, E, and F were our letters of the week.  Porter loves ducks, so our funny phonics book Doris Can't Dance, our letter craft, and our letter tracing activity were a big hit!
I didn't even have to explain this one!
Well...This is what happens when you excuse yourself from story to answer the door after you've spent 2 hours at the park!  I forgot how much I love Where The Wild Things Are! This book is filled with lovely crescent shaped trees, monsters crescent shaped horns, and a boy with a crescent shaped wolf tail.
Shape sorting with real object pictures!
One of Porter's wake up, warm up activities was an opposite flash card sort.  I started him out with just a few so he wouldn't be overwhelmed, but he asked for more and mastered the whole deck before lunch time!
His lines are getting so much better!
Our week isn't complete until we add a few new play-doh mats to our folder!
Crescents week wrapped up week 6 of our 9 week shapes semester.  Do you want to learn more about our totschooling program?  Feel free to email me or check out our website for more information.
See you next week when Porter learns about...STARS!