Saturday, June 24, 2017

Preschool Homeschool Rectangle Unit

Porter and I just wrapped up week 14 - rectangles!  Check out some highlights of our week.
We started our week outside!  Porter made it about half way around the rectangle during our "walk the line" gross motor game before he felt compelled to read!
Please excuse Mr. Jelly face!  I was setting up this beginning sound sorting activity while he was having lunch and he insisted on doing it before he washed up.
"Good night little girl.  Stay warm with your blanket." - Porter
 This week brought us a new activity!  Our new A to Z funny phonics books will reinforce beginning word sounds, open up doors to new vocabulary, and just make you laugh!
Also new this week, your little one can start their "My First Alphabet" notebook!
For our sensory tub this week, we built a city out of Duplo blocks!
Porter took a bit of a circuitous route with this matching sheet, but he got it done!
Rectangle snack + rectangle worksheet = homeschooling win!  I love the subtleties of homeschooling; the themed shelf, the themed books, the themed snacks.  Our weeks are not spent with me yammering on "rectangles this, rectangles that." Our weeks are spent immersing ourselves in the subject using all of our senses.  Usually by Thursday, Porter will say something like "Why did you cut my pancake into a triangle?  Pancakes are circles!" or "Hey Mommy!  I'm wearing all green clothes!"
I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  One of my favorite things about our homeschooling program is the adaptability!  Porter's fine motor skills aren't at a point (and its totally fine!) where he can color in these flags, so I brought out pom poms for him to place on them instead!

It's never too late to start your preschool homeschooling journey!  Check out our website for more information about our curriculum bundles and one off units!  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me too!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Preschool Homeschool Grocer Unit

This week, Kylie learned all about what a grocer does.  A little known fact about Kylie is that she is a grocery store connoisseur.  We have always lived within walking distance of a market since Kylie was born.  So part of our daily rhythm has always been walking to the store to get all the fixings for meals each day.  Before kids, I was a serial crisper-drawer-forgetter!  Once Kylie came along, a daily walk to the store got us both fresh air, and allowed me to buy just what I needed for each day.  No waste! It was a win win!  Keep scrolling and check out some highlights from our week!.
Kylie thought our theme boarded need a little more spunk, so she added the produce magnets because "that's what you get at the Sobeys."
Sometimes we do our lessons at the table, and sometimes we like to get comfy on the couch!  For this wake up, warm up, Kylie read some short CVC phrases.
 Because sequins make everything better :)
Our art block this week had us painting with produce!  We offer a few suggestions on the art reference page, but our house favorites were: taping paper to the tray, covering grapes in paint, and then shaking the tray to make the paint cover grapes roll all over the paper! And pictured above, using green beans for  paint brushes!
We pulled out the kitchen scale for this math activity!  Kylie went 2 for 3.  She thought a very big strawberry weighed more than a kiwi, but she was not correct.
How have I gone 30 (cough couch) years without knowing this was a thing?!?!?!  We regrew lettuce!  And it tasted great!  Over the course of 2 weeks, we observed our little stub of a romaine heart grow 5 inches!
 Double science week!  We also experimented with different liquids to see if they would make ice melt.
This was also an encouragement elves week.  We all had running noses and coughs so instead of the candy jars, we made a picture for our neighbor :)  Two more weeks and I will have a Home CEO Academy graduate!  Find out more about our preschool homeschool curriculum by check out our website.  See you next week when Kylie learns about Forest Rangers!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Preschool Homeschool Ovals Unit

Hi everyone!  Porter just finished week 13, ovals, from our 46 curriculum package for 2 and 3 year olds.  We had fun counting olives and watermelon seeds, making scrambled eggs, and revisiting some of our favorite Easter books!  Here are some highlights from our week!
We like to start our week off with the coloring pages for our theme board, but this week I decided to spice it up some glitter and glue!  Porter likes to keep me on my toes, but I turned the tables on him today!
This week, we focused on the sounds Y and Z make.  I added a few Yoda cookie cutters (yes, we do have more than one set of Star Wars cookie cutters!) and a few magnets from Yosemite and Yellowstone National Park.
I'm not quite sure how Porter discovered Twitter, but he said "Oh! Hi Twitter Bird!" when he saw this roll off the printer.
Let me take a moment and introduce you to Porter 2.0.  This fancy young man enjoys eating TimBits, playing in the driveway with his broom, and drawing slightly creepy Picasso-esque faces.
"So many numbers!" -Porter, 2 1/2.
***Home CEO Hack*** Trying using beans of Cheerios (I think real olives would be too messy!) and have your little one put the correct amount in each square.  Math + fine motor skills + an exercise in self control = a homeschooling super lesson!
We finished out the week by making scrambled eggs!  

 I hope you enjoyed my review of oval week as much as Porter and I enjoyed doing it!  Check out our website for more information about our full year programs.  See you all next week when Porter learns about...RECTANGLES!