Saturday, May 27, 2017

Preschool Homeschool Veternarian Unit

Kylie and I wrapped up week 27 of our 30 week preschool curriculum for 4 year olds today.  We had loads of fun learning about veterinarians and doing lot of pet themed language and math activities.    
Check it out!
Piggie joined us while we read our vocab cards.  I had no idea vets went to school for so long!
 We reviewed more ending sounds during our wake up, warm  up exercises.
Kylie is doing so well with her sight words thanks to these fun scramble worksheets.
Kylie continued to build CVC words with this recurring worksheet.  This time though, she asked to write the letters herself, instead of using the moveable alphabet!
I have a funny feeling that toilet paper roll bowling will become a regular in our house!  I called out numbers, and Kylie threw her sock ball to try and knock down the correct "pin."
Something clicked with crayons this week.  Kylie and her little crayon box have been inseparable!  So when I asked if she wanted to do some "color math", she emphatically said "yes!"

Veterinarian week was so much fun!   We played a marathon game of Move Like This Pet from our gross motor activities.  I finally stumped her with hippo! 
How am I going to have a Home CEO graduate in 3 weeks?!?!?!?  How?!?!?!   Kylie and I have LOVED doing this curriculum over the last 8 months.  I have no doubt she will be ready for kindergarten in the fall.  Check out our website for more information on our programs or feel free to email me!  

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Preschool Homeschool Triangles Unit

Porter and I spent the last week learning about triangles!  Triangles is week 12 of our 46 week preschool homeschool curriculum for 2 and 3 year olds.  Keep scrolling to see highlights from our week!
 We love these wonderful coloring pages!
They are a great lead in to building our theme board!  Porter loves songs that come each week.  I lost track of how many times we sang the triangle song this week!
We LOVE Lois Ehlert books in the house!  Color Zoo is a lovely, albeit fragile, book filled with shapes, colors, fun animals!  
***Home CEO Hack***  Add a spot on each side of the hexagon so your little one can have a place to go "up the mountain" to as they go around and turn it into a star.
Who is hungry?  This pizza parlor dramatic play center was a hit this week!
Porter has been eyeing the tangram puzzles Kylie got to do during the Easter and May flowers bonus units.  This week, he got his own!  Well, kind of ;)  He had loads of fun with these Montessori constructive triangles!
"Don't crash into the cones Mr. Crayon!" ~Porter, 3 years old

"My Christmas tree will be the biggest in the world!" ~Porter, 3 years old.

Number tiles (or even beans) are a great manipulative with this activity!
 Our gross motor action cards are a good way to break up day!
We added some pizza themed new pages to our math notebook!
It is only fitting to finishing off triangle week with a triangle shaped lunch!
It is never too late to start your homeschooling adventure!  Head on over to our website and find out more about out 2-3 and our 4 year old full year preschool homeschool curriculum!   
See you next week when Porter learns about...OVALS!!!!

Monday, May 15, 2017

May Flowers Unit

Porter, Kylie, and I have spent the last few weeks having a blast with our May Flowers unit!  The May Flowers unit is over 300 pages of fun for kids between the ages of 2 and 4.   Check out some pictures from our week!

(from the 2-3 year old section of our May Flowers unit)
Porter began his week by looking at these AMAZING provincial flower flash cards!  We talked about the colors we saw and pointed to the corresponding provinces on the map.
I will give him credit for starting out strong with this worksheet!
Flower arrangment- a classic Montessori activity!  Don't have any real or silk flowers?  We have a printable for that!
Our sensory bin this week was so much fun, we did it every day!  Brown playdough or bird seed make nice "dirt" for planting flowers and playing with Toob bugs.
Sort, sort, sort!
We made celery heart flower stamps during out art block!  Potatoes and apples make great stamps too!
Porter loved playing this floral themed gross motor game.  I called out a number and he had to jump to it.  You can't see it, but  also made a flower with letters next to it!
 Kylie helped out with Porter's other gross motor activity - a scavenger hunt!  We took our provincial flower flash cards out on our morning walk and found this beauty!
(from the 4 year old section of our May Flowers Unit)
 Kylie began her week by charting the different colors of flowers.
That's Not A Daffodil by Elizabeth Honey has been a house favorite for a few months now!
Another of Kylie's wake up, warm up activities was the garden mirror match.
And it made for a great transition into this mirror image drawing activity!
Handwriting practice, letter finding, and counting all on one worksheet! #homeschoolmomwin
Tangrams and cornflakes- a great way to start your day!
True story...Kylie did this math sheet so fast that I couldn't snap a picture.  So I had her get up, spin around 10 times and do it again!
How have I gone 5 years and not given this puzzle master a maze?!?!?!  It took a few tries for her to figure out, but she got it!
We finished off our week by planting marigolds!  Kylie will be tracking their growth over the course of the month!

May Flowers is a bonus unit in our full year curriculum bundle.  It is also available a la carte from our TpT page.  Check it out! 

Monday, May 1, 2017

Community Help - Chef Unit

I have been waiting so long for this lesson!   Before I became a Mom, I was a baker in Los Angeles.  And even before that, I was a baker in Boston!  Our Chef unit is week 26 in our 30 week preschool homeschool curriculum for 4 year olds.  Keep scrolling to see highlights from our week.
"Oh!  We have those cookbooks!"
Munchie match had an added twist of needing Kylie to look over the whole sheet before making an answer.  "Is this a muffin or a cupcake?  It can't be a cupcake because the cookies took the C.  Its a muffin."
We added 'it' to our growing list of sight words this week.
This week in The Keys To Reading Town, Kylie built CVC U words.  She was also very distracted by the robins in our front yard!
"That toonie was too heavy!"  We had lots of fun with the science experiment this week!  The surprise sinker for this exercise was a little pony action figure.  It was so tiny and light!
What's better than veggie math?  Veggie math that involves scissors and glue!
Playing restaurant has been a favorite activity for quite some time.  These posters were a nice addition to our downstairs restaurant called "Sweet Saunders."
We rounded out our week with a recipe from Pretend Soup.   Homeschooling and cooking are like peanut butter and jelly.  They just go together.  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions regarding how to get your little ones involved in the kitchen.  It really is my passion!  

How in the world is my sweet girl only 4 weeks away from becoming a Home CEO?!?!?!?  
Want to learn more about the 30 week preschool homeschool lessons Kylie has been doing?  Check out our website for more information! Join us next week when Kylie learns about a new community helper- veterinarians!