Saturday, April 29, 2017

Preschool Homeschool Squares Unit

"It's hip to be (or learn about!) square(s)." -Huey Lewis And The News
Squares is week 11 from our 46 week homeschool curriculum for 2 and 3 year olds.  Keep scrolling to see photos from our week!
Building our theme board first thing Monday morning is a great way to set the tone for the week.
Please excuse the following old lady lament...
I get kind of bummed out whenever I see articles around the start of the year that say something like  "Children born this year will never know what a video rental store is." or "The graduating high school class this year does not know what dial up internet is."  I really, truly, hope that the act of sending and receiving mailed letters is never part of a headline like that.  
One of our wake up, warm up activities in this unit is a review of our feelings flashcards.

K and Q are the letters of the week!

The practical life exercise could not have fallen on a more perfect week!  Porter enjoyed folding cloth napkins into squares.
Every week I say to myself, "There is no way Home CEO Maraya can make a better lesson than last week." Then she comes up with these number review sheets!  Have your child fill it out, or print out the filled out one and hang it as a poster in your homeschool room!
"Oh!  Eight squares!"  He loved these new, interactive pages in his math notebook.
Can you find the hidden squares?
Porter's art block this week had him making a picture frame.  Use our embellishments to decorate it, or anything else you happen to have!

This is Mommy's favorite gross motor card!

We hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our day to day homeschool life!  Please check out our website to find out more about our curriculum bundles and the charities we support.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Preschool Homeschool Circles Unit

Porter and I started the second semester of our 46 week preschool homeschool curriculum for 2-3 year olds.  We will be learning about shapes for the next 9 weeks!  This week was devoted to circles.  Check out some highlights from our week!
I think a nice, circular snack plate is a great way to start off our week!
***Home CEO Hack*** Cookie cutters are a great way to combat a picky eater!  Porter won't touch kiwi when I just use a veggie peeler and slice it up. But for some crazy reason, they become magically delicious when I stamp them out with a mini circle cutter.
We struck out at the library this week finding the suggested reading materials, but I did manage to find this super cute Corduroy book from the 80's to use when we reviewed our flash cards.
What do you do with the coloring pages?  Do you add them to your theme board or do you staple them together and make a book?
Porter is making great progress with his cutting skills!
I did the cutting for this exercise, but Porter has fun building and re building the snowman!
Oh course I misplaced the buttons that I bought specifically for this art project.  D'oh! Its okay though, sequins work just fine!
 A nice day in nature is a perfect for our letter N sound cards!
Practice, practice, practice!
This little man is a clip (or in this case cover) card professional!
We tried something new with our number maze this week; I covered the "path" in glue and had Porter shake glitter on to "reveal" it.  Judging by his smile, I think he liked it!
I get a lot of emails from people concerned about the price related to the option Montessori activities.  Porter and I hacked the inset circle activity with a biscuit cutter!
 Porter had a great time doing the circle week and is looking forward to 8 more fun filled shape weeks!  Check out our website to find out more information on our preschool homeschool program for 2-3 year olds.  See you next week when we learn about squares!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Preschool Homeschool Easter Unit

Happy Easter week dear readers!  Our Easter lesson, geared to preschoolers age 2 to 4, is filled with over 200 pages of fun!  Here are some highlights from our week.
Our Easter shelf has been up for just over a week and I think I have read the kids It's The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown about 500 times.  I don't know what it is, but my kids LOVE the whole Peanuts gang.
It is a little upside down, but I think Porter got the idea ;) This activity is available to print with colour coded eggs (like above) or in black and white for a bit more of a challenge for your little learners.
The Duck and Goose book series are very popular in our house!
I like to think of this as a warm up for the "big show" when we decorate eggs on Saturday night!
 One of my favorite things about homeschooling is that the program can be adapted to fit the individual student. This worksheet was made for cutting practice, but Porter didn't want to even look at scissors that day.  So what's a teacher mom to do?  Turn it in to a tracing exercise!  #homeschoolperks
Speaking of my new found love for handiwork, Porter loved this lacing card!
"Egg math!" Porter, 2 1/2 years old.
Looks like Peter Cottontail is taking more of an "as the crow flies" approach to getting to his egg!
During Porter's art block, we made carrots.   

Now lets take a peek at the 4 year old Easter unit!
Kylie has loved playing memory games for a few years now and this did not disappoint!
Kylie was very excited for all of the color by code worksheets this week!
While we are talking about codes, this secret message page was so much fun!  Kylie has never done anything like this before but caught on after 2 letters!
Plastic eggs are such a wonderful teaching tool!  Here is our spin and say CVC egg.  We also made rhyming, blends, and compound word eggs this week.
"Lower case e's are my favorite letter to write" -Kylie
New favorite activity!  And it only took me about an hour to find my own set of tangrams that my are about 20 years old after she asked to do more.
She's pretty solid with addition, but we are still working on subtraction.  #slowandsteady

Hop (I'm sorry, I can't resist a good bunny joke during the Easter season!) on over to our website to learn more about full year programs and to grab this special seasonal unit.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Preschool Homeschool Fire Fighter Unit

Week 25 (of our 30 week preschool homeschool program for 4 year olds) taught us all about fire fighters!  Check out some photos from our week.
I thought it was only fitting that we reviewed the vocab cards about smores and controlled fires in front of our felt campfire!
We have moved on to O words in our semester long game, The Keys To Reading Town.  I tried to stump Kylie with b,d,and p but you can't get anything past this girl!
Decorating our sight word mats are a new favorite activity!
I couldn't fins our dabber this week, so Kylie opted for just colouring the letters in.
Kylie continued working with O CVC words with this fun "build a word" work sheet.  How is your child's handwriting?  Have them write in the letter for extra practice!
 Our favorite fire fighting pup helped out during our dramatic play block.
This week was an Encouragement Elves week, so we only has 1 proper math lesson.
The science experiments in this semester, though not related to the unit themes, have been such fun!  This week, we made an instrument with a wine glass!
***Home CEO Hack*** Type 'wine glass music' into YouTube.  Thank me later ;)

We had fun learning about fire fighters this week!  Do you want to join in on the Home CEO Academy fun?  Check out our website for all the information about our 2-3 and 4 year old year long programs!  
Check back next week when Kylie learns about being a chef!