Monday, January 23, 2017

Preschool Homeschool Arctic Life Unit

I got so excited when I checked my calendar and realized we would be living in Toronto when it came time to do the Arctic life unit.  I imagined we would build an igloo in our yard, we would walk around and look for animal prints in the snow, and we would sip hot cocoa under a blanket while we watched a nature documentary about polar bears.  None of that happened :( The snow has melted, it rained, and Kylie doesn't like hot drinks.  But check out some pictures of from our classroom this week!
First thing's first; our theme board!
 One of our math wake up, warm up activities had us adding up puffins to put them in the correct houses.
***Home CEO Hack*** This is a recurring wake up, warm up game.  Print the houses off once and then use them through out the semester!
This was an encouragement elves week! During 2 of our math blocks this week, we made clothespin magnets to give to some of our friends as a way to say, "Thanks for doing what you are doing." #everythingisbetterwithglitter
Our last math day had Kylie practicing some more addition.  #everythingisbetterwithreindeer
I officially am in love with the Toronto Public Library system.  I can return books to any of the 100 libraries in the city.  I can place holds from the comfort of my own home.  And I just learned that some books are available as an e-reader download...on my own Ipad!
I really thought Kylie would enjoy this hand print narwhal art project, but all she could do was grimace at me and say, "Can I go wash my hand now?"
Our semester long language activity "The Legend  Of The Lost Words" is almost done.  This week, we worked on _un and _ug words.
Kylie doesn't even need me to read the instructions on this sheet anymore!
We wrapped up our arctic week by learning about penguins!

I hope you enjoyed a little peak into our homeschool classroom this week as we learned about Arctic Life.  Arctic Life is week 19 in our 30 week preschool program geared towards 4 year olds.  This unit can be purchased individually here or as part of the bundle here.  Join us week when we explore River and Pond Life.

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