Friday, December 8, 2017

Preschool Homeschool Bible mini unit- Jesus' Birth

I've been waiting a few months to do our birth of Jesus mini unit.  It seems only fitting to do it in December!
The first part of this lesson introduces Mary.  Kylie and I read the passage together.  We focused on how brave Mary was.  We talked about how sometimes strange dreams can be scary, but if we trust in the Lord, everything will work out.
Our activity for this part were dream sequence cards.  I printed out the black and white versions because Kylie loves colouring.
The second part of this lesson focused on the build up to and the birth of Jesus.  Kylie is very familiar with this story because we have watched Marry Christmas, Charlie Brown every other day since the calendar switched to December!
I printed the black and white version of this activity and let Kylie colour it in and cut out baby Jesus and place him in the manger.
The last part of this mini unit focused on Jesus.  After reading the passage, we looked at a map to trace their journey from from Jerusalem to Egypt and then to Nazareth.  I had to remind Kylie that there were no airplane back then so they were walking or riding an animal.  Her only comment was "I hope they had good sneakers."
The final activity was a fun maze where Kylie had to get the gifts of the Magi to the star of the east.  

Did you know our Bible mini units come with our full year 3-4 year old curriculum?  They are also available individually on our TpT page.  
Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Preschool Homeschool Pumpkin Unit

Who remembers that scene in Forrest Gump where Bubba is telling Forrest about all the wonderful things you can do with shrimp?  That's how I feel about pumpkins and education!  You can measure pumpkins, you can play with the insides of pumpkins, you can make pumpkin pancakes, you can draw a face on a pumpkin...I could go on forever!  Enjoy some pictures from our seasonal pumpkin unit.
We started this unit off by exploring the life cycle of a pumpkin.  After reading the poster together, Porter lines the 3 part cards up in order.
These themed tracing are quickly becoming a house favorite activity!
This little guy has been all about math this week!  He's counting the grapes on his plate, the steps to our front door, and as you can see here- pumpkin seeds!
In addition to being all about math this week, Porter had also been all about puzzles!  This 1:1 pumpkin seed correspondence puzzle was a big hit.
True story...we did this pumpkin counting activity for over an hour.  And then Porter woke me up the next morning asking to do his "pumpkin math" so we did it again...for another hour.  How can you say no a face like that?!?!?  Check our Instagram feed for a video from this activity.
This was another hour long (in the total good way) activity!  Youtube has some pretty cute Halloween kids song videos.  We found a channel that had "5 Little Pumpkins" on it and listened while we tried knocking our own little "pumpkins" over.
One of our art projects this week was a clean version of examining the insides of a pumpkin.
While our sensory bin for the week was just the opposite!!!

Porter and I had loads of fun counting pumpkins, reading Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin, doing pumpkin mazes...I could go on forever!  Click here if you would like to learn more about our full preschool homeschool curriculum or feel free to email me!

Preschool Homeschool Diamond Unit

I can't believe Porter and I just finished week 18 of our 46 week totschooling curriculum!  
We had loads of fun making patterns, practicing pen control, and reviewing the letters M, N, and O. Keep scrolling for pictures!
Our theme shelf for the week!
Check out 1 of our 4 play-doh mats for the week!
Look at Porter's grip!  He's getting it! #proudmomma
One of our art projects this week was to make a patterned diamond back snack.  How is your little one with scissors?  Let them cut out the diamonds!
Toronto was in an awful heatwave last week.  I thought doing this ADORABLE sweater vest color by number would send some chilly weather vibes to the universe, but it didn't work :/
Look at how controlled Porter's coloring has become!  He's come so far in 18 weeks!  #proudmomma
Not too bad for Porter's first attempt at ordering by size!  I know he didn't put the diamonds on the rings, but eh, A for effort!
M, N, and O were our letters this week.  We made a mouse letter craft, read about the nightly news, and traced some O's!
We are on a roll with patterns this week!  If you happen to have a deck of playing cards in the house, this activity would make a great segway into teaching your little one Go Fish!

Check out our Instagram page for some videos from this week.  You can find out more about our full year totschool and preschool curriculum at our website.  See you all next week when we learn about...PUMPKINS!!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Preschool Homeschool Fall Harvest Unit

It's Fall y'all!!!  I have been waiting 7 long years to experience Fall again.  Sorry California, your beaches are nice; but they don't hold a candle to a nice maple tree turning fire red.  
Check out some pictures from Porter's week learning all about Fall!
Nothing says Fall better than farmers and leaves!
Speaking of leaves, Porter had fun with this tracing activity.
Oh man!  I lost track of how many time we did these wake up, warm up activities this week!  Porter LOVED squashing the playdoh balls.  Start by saying the letters, and then try flipping over our letter flash cards and have your little one work on 1:1 correspondence.  If your child is really up for a challenge, take out some picture cards from your letter sounds tubs and have them squash the letter that pictures begin with!
We talked about how leaves change color in the fall.  After we colored our worksheet, we went on a nature walk and looked for different colored leaves!
This worksheet was done on one of those days where Porter wanted nothing to do with crayons.  Instead of getting flustered, I said "Do you want to play with stickers?" "Yes I would Mommy," Porter replied.  Boom!  We worked on size discrimination with this activity.
The hands in this picture belong to my older daughter, Kylie, who is 5.  Porter wanted no business with this activity, but Kylie loved it!
The weather was not in our favor on the day of our outdoor scavenger hunt, but we enjoyed hunting from the front windows with binoculars.
Our Fall Harvest Unit is 150 pages of fun!  Check out our website to purchase your own copy and to learn more about our full year totschool and preschool curriculum.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Preschool Homeschool Heart Unit

This week, Porter and I learned all about hearts!  Hearts is week 17 of our 46 week preschool curriculum that is geared towards 2 and 3 year olds. 
"Mommy, this theme board looks so lovely." -Porter, 3 years old.

After we look at our theme board, we like to color our own black and white pages and turn them into a little book.

This week, Porter learned all about the number 12.
During our art block, Porter made celery heart stamps.  If you are handy with a pairing knife, you can make potato and apple stamps too!

J, K, and L were the letters of the week.  Porter's pen control has really improved over the last month!

Can you make it to the Queen?
We read three new Funny Phonics books this week.
I usually use our letter sound tub cards with this sorting worksheet, but I switched it up this week and used small toys!  
Porter said his best friend was his sister!  My Momma heart is full!

I can't believe there is only one more week left in our shapes semester!  Its never to late to start your preschool at home adventure.  Feel free to email me or check out our website for more information on our full year curriculum packages.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Preschool Homeschool Bible Mini Unit - Noah's Ark

Kylie and I wrapped up our second Bible mini unit today.  We learned all about Noah!
We started our lesson off with a tangram puzzle of the ark and our memory verse.
Kylie's Oma was in town visiting and helped out with the second lesson.  The two of them read the paraphrased story and then reviewed the numbers on a worksheet.  Kylie was in disbelief when Oma read that Noah was 600 years old when he got on the ark!
We ended the unit with a model prayer and a sequencing game that can be stored in our Bible notebook.

These Bible mini units have been a fun way of introducing the story of God to Kylie.  They are included in our full year 3-4 year old program, and are available to purchase individually at our TpT store.