Sunday, July 31, 2016

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Thank you!
Maraya, Ashley and Amanda
Home CEO Chief Education Officers for Lexi, Kylie, Porter, Reagan and Sedona

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Preschool Homeschool Kenya Unit

Thank you for joining us on our preschool homeschool journey!  This week, we continued our African adventure and traveled to Kenya.  Kenya is week 8 in our 12 week "Exploring Our World" curriculum bundle that is available here
We got a new printer last week, so Kylie is very eager to help me with my lesson prep!
We start each morning with our circle time board.  We talk about what day it is, what our plans are, and the weather.  Don't worry everyone, there are more weather print-out pictures.  This is just the Southern California edition ;) 
Our wake up, warm up math exercises this week had us counting to 30 and continuing with our 1:1 correspondence skills.  On day 3, we added pom pom "spots" to this cheetah print out using our counting cards from last weeks math exercises. 
This language wake up, warm up exercise was lots of fun!  I wrote the alphabet on the dry erase board in varying sizes and angles and Kylie had to erase them in order.  "Let's do it with lower case letters now," she said when she finished!
Our theme board this week was filled lots of vocab cards that dealt with the geography (my favorite subject) of Kenya.  "Oh, I've been to a volcano," Kylie said when we got to the card about Mount Kenya.  That lead to 30 minutes of looking at pictures online of Mount Kenya and Mount St. Helens, the volcano we went to last summer!
We added some new students, Owino and Paka, to our letter sounds trains.
**Home CEO Hack**  Are you looking for an extension activity for the letter sound train lesson?  Ask your littler learner where they think the students are traveling to based on their luggage!  Kylie thought Owino was going to the beach to decorate a Christmas tree and she thought Paka was going to listen to Itunes and have a snack.
Our math work sheets this week involved lots of counting, and lots of animals!
One of the reading selections in this unit was the book Planting The Tress Of Kenya.  Wow, wow, wow!  A wonderful story and amazing artwork!
We made an acacia tree during our art block.  Is it just my daughter, or does anyone else have a child who will do anything as long as a glue stick is involved???
Its time for letter crafts!  We made a P that looked like a pirate on pink paper while eating popcorn in a purple bowl!  And then I tried to explain alliteration to my 4 year old...
We made chapatis and had a Kenyan tea party during our cooking block!  Kylie enjoyed watching the chapatis bubble on the skillet, but was a little confused as to where the filling of her quesadilla went :/
Don't forget to add the pages to your child's travel journal!  Not only will this help further ingrain the lessons for your child but it will also make a lovely keepsake for your to look back on. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about our adventure in Kenya.  We travel north next week to Israel!  If you would like to join us, you can purchase our "Exploring Our World" curriculum bundle right here.  

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Preschool Homeschool Egypt Unit

We had such a wonderful time learning about Egypt this week!  Egypt is week 7 in our 12 week "Exploring Our World" curriculum bundle that is available here.  Check out some highlights from our first trip to Africa.
Kylie is all about cats right now, so she loved that the first vocab card we put on our theme board this week was a cat.  Did you know that historians believe Egyptians were the first people to keep cats for pets?  I didn't!  I thought the camel vocab was interesting.  We went to the grocery store later that day and counted out 32 gallons of water to visualize how much water camels can hold.  Wow!

Our wake up, warm up activities this week were so much fun! We may or may not have (we totally did) done the math activity which focused on 1:1 correspondence everyday.  Porter really enjoyed the letter sound scavenger hunt.  I think we might start moving this activity into our regular rotation!
**Home CEO Hack** How is your little one's scissor skills?  Our printables are great for cutting practice!

This week, we met our new international students Mahmoud and Noha and helped them load their luggage onto the letter sound train.  

Let's get moving!  Get the treasure, but don't touch the yarn! 

I know I've said it before, but these letter crafts are too cute! Did you know that these are available for purchase in both upper and lowercase?

"My name has a bird in it!" Porter, 3 years old

We only had one math day this week .  This lesson continued the 1:1 correspondence that we practiced in our wake up, warm up but with a decidedly Egyptian twist; we counted dates!

What is the oldest recipe card you have in your recipe box right now?  Great Grandma's Swedish meatballs?  I bet its about 50 years old and on a piece of white paper.  Want to try a recipe that is over 3000 years old and was originally written on a piece of pottery?  These date balls are for you!  These no-bake treats are definitely going to be moving into our regular rotation once the weather heats up
**Home CEO Hack** Is your little one a picky eater?  Try calling the dates "jumbo raisins."  I've yet to meet a preschooler that can resist raisins!

Porter really enjoyed our gross motor activities this week.  His favorite for sure was this pyramid building activity.  Use whatever you have around the house and see who can make the biggest pyramid!

That wraps up our adventure in Egypt!  I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our homeschool week!  If you would like to join us on our travels, our 12 week "Exploring Our World" curriculum bundle is available here

Monday, July 11, 2016

Preschool Homeschool India Unit

Namaste!  I can't believe we are half way through our first semester!  We took a very special adventure to India this week.  I say very special because, on a personal note, my brother in law has been in India for eight months for work and returned home on Saturday!!  India is week 6 in our 12 week Exploring Our World curriculum bundle that is available for purchase here.
The colors on the vocab cards for our India theme board really struck me.  How vibrant!  Kylie particularly enjoyed learning the word monsoon.  We live in California and have been in the midst of a terrible drought since before she was born.  "Momma, that sounds like they would need a really big umbrella!" 
Our wake up, warm up language lessons this week focused on reviewing letter sounds.  We played this cute elephant race game and reviewed A-E sounds on our first day, and F-J sounds on our second day.  I dare you to name me a preschooler that doesn't love a game with a spinner!
 Our wake up, warm up math lessons continued with even longer patterns. 
**Home CEO Hack** Do you have a high flying preschooler?  Instead of a basic big, little, big pattern, try upside down, right side up!  Or sideways and flat!  Keep your little one on his or her toes! 
All aboard the letter sound train!  We met Krishna and Lakshmi this week.  "Keys are important luggage," Kylie noted.
I loved this math exercise!  I asked Kylie to make patterns with our letter sound train friends and she had so much fun!  I could see the wheels turning in her brain as she said "pink Lakshmi, orange Laskimi, pink Lakshmi."  Patterns are the building blocks to early math literacy.  It may seem like our children are just making "pink, orange, pink" patterns, but soon that will turn into skip counting, counting coins to make dollar bills, and measuring in inches and feet!
Our cooking activity this week was delicious!  One of my favorite things about homeschooling and Montessori learning is having the ability to extend the lesson when something strikes your little learner.  After smelling the cardamon, Kylie was very interested in smelling other India spices.  We smelled curry, garam masalla, turmeric, and coriander.
 I tried something new this week with our books.  I was just about to order Rikki-Tikki-Tavi by Rudyard Kipling on Amazon when I noticed it was available as a free download on the Kindle!  We have an Apple TV, so I download the book onto my Kindle app and then used the Air Play feature on my phone to send it over to the TV.  Kylie loved it!
Don't forget to have your child add the new pages to their travel journal.  

I truly hope everyone has as much fun with the India unit as my daughter and I had!  If you would like to join us in our around the world learning adventure, check out our 12 week Exploring Our World Bundle here.   We are off to Egypt now!  See you all next week!