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Home CEO Preschool Homeschool Age 2-3 45-Week Complete Year Curriculum

Here are some of the highlights of our Home CEO Age 2-3 Curriculum available on Teachers Pay Teachers.


  • *"I have searched far and wide for my curriculum to use in my preschool this year, and this is by far
  • the best."* -Melissa, August 2015
  • "I too have been looking all over and finally found something I can really use! I teach in Thailand where resources are zero so products like this are super appreciated!" -Buyer, January 21, 2016
  • This unit has so much included! Well organized and great graphics. The lesson plans are exactly what I was looking for - simple and cover many areas. It's such a time saver!" -Laura, August 2015
  • *"Overall there is a huge variety of items in the pack, from crafts to lesson plans, there is a little bit of everything." -Jennifer, June 2015
  • *"Loving this so far! It is difficult to find things that are both fun and educational for this age group. Thank you!" -Buyer, October 2015
  • *"I am SUPER excited to have found your store! I cant wait to use this in my classroom!! " -CreativeClassroomPaperie, August 2015
  • *" As a former classroom teacher, I can see that a lot of well thought out planning went into this curriculum. Thanks so much for your creativity!" -Kimberly, August 2015
  • *"This is a very complete resource" -Kir, August 2015
  • **This is PERFECT for my [child], as we start a more structured homeschool practice.* -Melanie, August 2015
  • *ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!!" - Christy'sCutesyClassroom, August, 2015


Our homeschool preschool curriculum is based on research on Montessori methods, traditional preschooling, homeschool theories, award-winning children's books and searching the web for more ideas.

The curriculum includes a set of 45 lesson plans, 15 sets of the most important flashcard for this age, a "My First Alphabet Notebook" with super cute printable letter crafts, a "My First Math" interactive notebook full of age appropriate number and counting activities, 15 sets of flashcards with 300+ cards, a curated list of excellent award-winning or highly rated books and all kinds of suggestions for sensorial work, gross motor activities, songs, coloring and other printable activities.


As a summary, the main components of our curriculum include the following, which we suggest putting into a large 3" binder to quickly pull out at the beginning of each week:

  • Language (books, flashcards and language learning activity suggestions)
  • Songs (to help you brush up on these, we link you to demos of each one!)
  • Sensorial (optional Montessori-inspired sensory activities, involve toys/manipulatives)
  • Sensory Bin (watery, gooey and altogether fun activities for your child)
  • Arts & Crafts (free coloring pages and straightforward, easily replicated projects with custom made templates to make your life easier mom and dad!)
  • Practical Life (Montessori-inspired activities for basic living skills and fine motor development. These are not usually “themed”)
  • Math (a complete interactive notebook that we create in weekly chunks and can keep forever as a keepsake! Plus some other fun manipulatives-based and printable based activities)
  • Gross Motor (some kind of new physical game each week. These are not always “themed”)
  • Social / Emotional (a choice from 3-4 activities per week. We go to the playground or pool, during summer, on most days and we have annual passes to the zoo, acquarium and children’s museum and frequent one of those about twice a week)
  • Blank Planning Sheets (for my teacher planning and observation notes, ideas, etc!)
  • Bonus Items - Everything you need to create 45 theme boards for each week of preschool and all your classroom organization labels to setup and organize your homeschool!

The Lesson Plans 

We have 45 lesson plans in all. We use a simple one page weekly sheet for each lesson plan and a matching blank one for my personal notes. Here is a sample of one of the lesson plans and planning sheets.

Preschool Interactive Notebooks

An interactive notebook, by the way, if you are new to schooling, is a notebook where you cut and paste your activities into a pretty journal that you can keep forever! We loved the idea of having some keepsake or record of sorts to show a homeschool's work for the year and this was the ultimate solution.

Our curriculum includes language arts / letter craft notebook pages which are currently being used in traditional classrooms, as well as homeschool, around the country and the world.

Additionally, our Age 2-3 curriculum includes a "My First Math" notebook. There are four activities each for numbers 1-10 and some additional "review" activities. These notebooks are interactive to create between parent and child and enhance fine motor skills scubas cutting and pasting as well as number sense.


We have 15 sets of flashcards in color and black and white in our pack. Children love flipping through these and coloring the black and white versions. For future word work, many of these cards are made in three-part-card format so that later teachers and parents can efficiently re-use them for three part card lessons.

Classroom Organization and Decor! 

In order to be a one-stop-shop and truly simplify the whole homeschool process, our curriculum packs include everything parent teachers need to organize and decorate their school rooms including classroom labels and weekly theme board decorations.

Art Supplement 

To simplify the arts and crafts projects our curriculum includes shopping lists and printable templates and pictures of each craft.  62 crafts are curated from multiple sources and we have organized them into a clear game-plan so that this so that arts and crafts can be implemented simply.

To get this curriculum, click here!

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